Since early in New York City history, our city has been famously known as a “melting pot” or a city that maintains an eclectic variety of people from different cultures, languages and backgrounds. Although some say this is a part of our history, this is definitely not the case as NYC continues to flourish. The People’s Guide is producing a written series that focuses in on various neighborhoods in the boroughs which are fundamentally grounded in maintaining the history of NYC as a salient aspect of residents’ daily lives.


When interacting with local Ed Garcia Conde, we are able to learn a substantial amount about the Mott Haven neighborhood in the Bronx, where salsa dancing at St. Mary’s Park has quickly become a local custom that people of all ages participate in. Similar to other parts of the city that are known for different inventions or innovations from native New Yorkers, Mott Haven represents the historical birthplace of where the metal dome was produced for Capitol Hill.


If history is of particular interest to you, then scheduling a visit to St. Ann’s Episcopal Church would be a memorable way to experience local history in the Bronx. This church is actually the burial place of one of the founding fathers of our country named Gouverneur Morris, who was considered the “Penman of the Constitution.” Though a very integral part for the U.S. to successfully lay out the framework of the country, believe it or not, Morris still does not receive the attention he deserves as the penman for both the preamble and the constitution.

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Full of delicious food spots, one specific neighborhood restaurant many locals and even some government officials have dined at is called “La Morada Mexican” which is is known for authentic, traditional Oaxacan food. One of the positive aspects that people in the area adore about this restaurant is the ability for the owner to create an atmosphere that makes every visitor feels as they are home. With the friendly atmosphere, it’s as if each visitor is enjoying some mole in the comfort of their grandmother’s kitchen. Although it is a close call, locals in the area feel strongly about the restaurants in their neighborhood because they seen it as a direct representation of the area in which they reside, and more importantly how they are as people.


After you have treated yourself to a home-cooked Oaxacan meal, some treasures to discover in the Mott Haven area include the Brook Park Community Garden which hosts a wide array of social engagements from social activism fundraisers to weddings in the summer. To avoid the summer crowds, Brook Park Community Park is a lovely spot to take an evening promenade in the summer or enjoy the fall leaves with a cup of cider. Read more about Mott Haven here.

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