Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty, March 26th-July 24th. 2016

edgar degasThis exhibition essentially allows the spectator to explore Degas at a time when he was most audaciously creative. According to research provided by the MoM, during this time in his career, Degas experimented with drawing in ink on a metal plate which was then run through a press. Going forward in his artistic evolution, he then experimented with forming shapes to create images that would in turn challenge how art viewers would experience his work in the public space.

This exhibition at the MoMA allows viewers to rediscover how Degas manipulates his strokes to generate a romantic sense of poetry based on the contrast between black and white imagery. Some argue that these famous, blurry visions produce an interesting sense of belonging for the viewer.

A Strange New Beauty showcases a wide array of Degas’ pieces including 50 related paintings, drawings, pastels, sketchbooks, and prints that all collectively define this strangely unique impressionist.

Marcel Broodthaers: A Retrospective, February 14th-May 15, 2016
Marcel’s later work largely consisted of large-scale displays that made use of all the work through Broodthaers’ life. In terms of his artistic style, Broodthaers was constantly coming up with new ideas by paying homage to his life through rigorous, constant dedication to his craft which he lived by throughout his day to day work. This retrospective gallery displays Broodthaer’s work from through all phases of his artistic career.

The New Museum

Pia Camil: A Pot for Latch, January 15th to April 17th, 2016
Mexico City-born artist Pia Camil paints a very culturally authentic view of her home country. Similar to Mexican muralists such as Orozco or perhaps the highly acclaimed Frida Kahlo, Camil is already legendary as seen by her ability to express deep reverence and love for her home while still providing, honest insight to further improve her culture.

Her work is constantly trying to address salient issues that reflect her identity as a Mexican female artists, while also challenging through processes regarding identity for not only the public, but also fellow artists that share her passion in her craft.

Camil’s primary inspiration source throughout in her work and her artistic process is the very landscape in which she was born. Experience Pia Camil’s socio-cultural insight to a city that is rich with not only artistic diversity, but also continues to both reaffirm and challenge societal norms. To view the full list of exhibitions in the upcoming spring months please check out the Village Voice.

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