As the global market expands, different forms of business are increasingly more interconnected with the help of technological advancements in the digital age that make the art of a business transaction faster and many would argue, more efficient than traditional ways. Business ties with the U.S and China are evolving to a new level that will also focus on partnerships in the film industry. Although there is skepticism in regards to business ventures between these two nations, exploring financial deals in the realm of big media companies is making strides for trading now. With ticket sales in China growing nearly 50 percent in 2015 (around 6.78 billion in revenue), it is no doubt beneficial for both parties to engage in more business ventures in this upcoming year in order to holistically tackle the various consumer demands. 


The Chinese aggregated company Dalian Wanda Group has agreed to financially acquire a major portion of the company called Legendary Entertainment, a major American-based movie studio corporation that has produced a wide array of popular hits in recent history. Wanda is the leading shareholder of the largest theater chain in China and this business deal undoubtedly makes him a major business player in the film industry in both huge markets. Wanda, controlled by China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, (owner of AMC multiplex cinemas as of 2012), will own a little more than half of Legendary Entertainment, with the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Thomas Tull owning the rest along with his staff. This business alliance can allow for more financial growth in the Chinese film market, along with increased funds brought by Wang’s prospective assets. 

Legendary Entertainment, which is valued at around 3 billion American dollars, has produced hits such as “The Dark Knight,” “Jurassic World,” “Man of Steel,” and the “The Hangover” film franchise. These global cinematic hits have infiltrated global markets in a number of countries, with China capping out as one of the top zones that bring in a good majority of the revenue. Also, in terms of upcoming Legendary films, some highly anticipated movies include a “Godzilla” sequel and “Warcraft,” a film adaption of the well-known video game that is expected to boom in several markets, but it’s still hard to tell amidst the strong Star Wars fan craze. Legendary Entertainment releases its films in partnership Universal Pictures, a division of NBCUniversal, under the parent company of Comcast. There is more than enough evidence to safely say that in terms of supply and demand, the film industry most certainly will not be declining in revenue anytime soon. To read more about this, click on this link. 

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