St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The annual parade, which highlights the Irish-American tradition will take place on St. Patrick’s Day and will make its way up fifth avenue. Believe or not, this annual event actually holds a good amount of historical value due to the fact it was initially created by a group of Irish immigrants who missed their native country immensely. There is a huge turnout every year, with more than two million locals, visitors and other spectators making their way to view this spectacular that has quickly become one of the most celebrated traditions in our society today.

Macy’s Flower Show

In addition to the perennial Macy’s Day Parade along with the spectacular decorations that are beautifully dispersed across the store during Christmas Time, spring proves to also be a very special time for this New York-based department store in Herald Square. The Macy’s Flower Show is quite the vision, especially with the beautifully shaped bushes that mirror every animal or flower type you can imagine. If all things floral are of particular interest to you, it’s also possible to take Many believe this show is somewhat reminiscent of a garden you would find in a Tuscan villa or an area you might come across outside of New York City, but the truth is, it is right in the heart of midtown west waiting for you to pay a visit.

macy's flower show
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

You don’t necessarily have to travel to D.C. or Japan for that matter in order to see the delicate rose and white petals shower nature around you. The cherry blossom season is quickly approaching and there is honestly no better time to appreciate various facets of nature that New York City has to offer. Although the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are beautiful that time of year, you won’t regret taking the time to see these stunning trees up close in a very quaint Brooklyn neighborhood to explore a park that is often overlooked by tourists and locals.

brooklyn botanic garden
Harlem Jazz Shrines Festival

As Harlem is known as the Holy Grail of Jazz, it is only just and right to pay tribute to this rich American music genre with a festival with some of the most top of the line artists in the industry. In 2014 alone, T.S. Monk and trombonist Chris Washburne both played at several venues to show their deep appreciation for the artistic movement that continues to be loved, admired and cherished by music listeners of all ages. If you’re looking to find some more spots to enjoy New York City in the spring please click on this link.

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